Our Leadership Staff

Karla Rose, Executive Director (

Melanie Cheek, Director of Operations (

Misty Ross-Finley, OSAR Program Director (

Jade Martinez, PADREs Program Director (

Shawn Wright, RSS Program Director (

Ashley Simpson, PRC & CCP Program Director (

Alicia Barton, YPU Program Director (

Our Staff

Cindy Frazier, PRC Data Coordinator (

Rebekkah Fulmer, YPU Prevention Specialist (

Laci Graham, Office Manager (

Natalie Harris, OSAR Outreach Coordinator (

Johnnie Hatton, RSS Peer Recovery Coach (

Donna Horton, OSAR/PADREs Outreach Coordinator (

Jacquelyn Jones, PRC Public Relations Coordinator (

James Lindsey, OSAR Outreach Coordinator (

Jenny Miller, PADREs Case Manager (

Melisa Pendley, PADREs Outreach Coordinator (

David Schmidt, OSAR Outreach Coordinator (

Mandy Schuman, CCP Coalition Coordinator (

Sharon Shuemaker, RSS Peer Recovery Coach (

Sandra Walls, PRC Tobacco Coordinator (

Rebecca Woodard, YPU Prevention Specialist (

Toll Free: (800) 588-8728
Phone: (325) 673-2242
Fax: (325) 673-4438

For OSAR services in the Wichita Falls area, call (940) 224-6200

24 Hour Crisis Hotline (800) 621-8504

For other resources on Mental Health, please visit

Regional Resource Guide


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104 Pine Street, Suite 205
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