Outreach, Screening, Assessment, and Referral (OSAR)

The Council provides screening, assessment, and referral services dedicated to the goal of providing assistance with substance use issues for individuals and their families. OSAR services are offered free of charge to individuals seeking treatment or referrals to other recovery support services.

The Council provides OSAR services in Health & Human Services Commission Region 2 as a subcontractor of Helen Farabee Centers, a local mental health authority, whose main office is in Witchita Falls.

OSAR Services

  • Screenings
  • Assessments
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Motivational Counseling
  • Referrals to Treatment or other Support Services
  • Interim Services
  • Follow-up

*Please bring the following information to your OSAR appointment: driver's license or Texas identification card, Medicaid/health insurance card or information, payroll stub, a list of current medications/dosage and/or utility bill showing current address.

The following counties are served:

Region 2
  • Archer
  • Baylor
  • Brown
  • Callahan
  • Clay
  • Coleman
  • Comanche
  • Cottle
  • Eastland
  • Fisher
  • Foard
  • Hardeman
  • Haskell
  • Jack
  • Jones
  • Kent
  • Knox
  • Mitchell
  • Montague
  • Nolan
  • Runnels
  • Scurry
  • Shackelford
  • Stephens
  • Stonewall
  • Taylor
  • Throckmorton
  • Wichita
  • Wilbarger
  • Young

  • Federal Priority Population Requirements for Treatment

    Based on the federal priority populations established by SAMHSA Block Grant regulations, federal priority populations (e-CFRT, Title 45: Public Welfare, Part 96, 96.131), Texas is required to ensure the following three priority poulations are given preference:

    • Pregnant injecting individuals will be admitted within 48 hours.
    • Pregnant individuals will be admitted within 48 hours.
    • Injecting drug users will be admitted within 14 days.

    State Priority Populations for Treatment

    Texas has established priority populations for entering state-funded substance use disorder services. State priority populations come after the SAMHSA priority populations and are identified as:

    • Individuals identified as being at high risk for overdose will be admitted to requested services within 72 hours.
    • Individuals referred by DFPS will be admitted to requested services within 72 hours.
    • All other populations.

    24 Hour Crisis Hotline (800) 621-8504

    For other resources on Mental Health, please visit mentalhealthtx.org.

    Regional Resource Guide


    Alexander Building
    104 Pine Street, Suite 205
    Abilene, Texas 79601

    Oil & Gas Building
    813 8th Street, Suite 615
    Wichita Falls, Texas 76301